Friday February 17th, 2023
Reality Report by Jamie Gant – 2min read

A.I. Generative Avatars

Krikey AI partners with Stability AI to launch AI Powered 3D Avatar and Animation Tool

Krikey AI, a company that specializes in creating AR and VR experiences, has recently partnered with Stability AI to launch an AI-powered 3D avatar animation tool. This tool allows users to generate high-quality animations for human avatars, with the help of Krikey AI’s generative AI technology.

Will AI Generative 3D Avatars allow easier creation of immersive social experiences?

According to a recent article on The Decoder, the tool generates animations based on the user’s input, allowing for a wide range of possibilities. Users can customize their avatars and animations, and the tool will generate unique results based on their selections. The article notes that the tool has a range of potential applications, including in gaming, social media, and virtual events.

A recent article on provides more details on the partnership between Krikey AI and Stability AI. According to the article, the tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms to create realistic animations that capture the nuances of human movement. The tool is also designed to be easy to use, with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create animations quickly and easily.

Krikey AI

Use AI to generate 2D, 2D, and animated game assets on or off-chain.

While the tool has the potential to be a game-changer for the AR and VR industry, some may question its cost. Do you think this is pricey for AI generation (Avatars & Animation)? The craze of ChatGPT, is the low cost to freely explore. Adobe’s goal is to make 3D Avatars and animation accessible for all, not just developers. Hopefully Adobe will add generative AI to Mixamo to help reach their goal and truly make it easier for everyone to create AR/VR/XR.

Overall, Krikey AI’s partnership with Stability AI represents an exciting development in the world of 3D avatar animation. With the help of generative AI technology, users can now create high-quality animations quickly and easily, opening up new possibilities for gaming, social media, and virtual events. While the cost may be a consideration for some, the potential benefits of this tool are significant and may make it a worthwhile investment for businesses and creators in the AR and VR space.