Wednesday January 18th, 2023
Reality Report by Jamie Gant – 2min read

Niantic VPS Challenge Winners

Pushing the Boundaries of AR: A look at the future of AR Development through Lightship.

The world of augmented reality continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new innovations and technologies emerging all the time. Recently, the Lightship VPS Challenge brought together 50 of the top AR developers from around the world to compete for prizes and showcase their skills. And among the winners was WJG Reality, a rising star in the AR space.

WJG Reality wins 2 of 7 Prizes for the Top 50 Developers in VPS Challenge

According to a recent blog post on the Lightship website, the VPS Challenge was designed to push the boundaries of AR and challenge developers to create cutting-edge AR experiences using the Lightship VPS platform. The competition brought together developers from all over the world, with entries ranging from AR games to shopping experiences to virtual tours.

Developers were given private Beta access to Niantic Lightship tools to build whatever they could imagine. They had access to Lightship Virtual Positioning System known as VPS. Also to Remote Authoring, Lightship Maps, and Scanning. These private betas provided extraordinary features that allowed the AR Developers to build immersive apps using Unity.

Lightship VPS

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WJG Reality is honored to win 2 of the 7 prizes for our AR Detective Agency that won Most Innovative. We also won an Honorable Mention for Dacing Through The Decades based at the Miami Boardwalk. The project was praised for its innovative use of the Lightship VPS platform and its engaging user experience.

The success of WJG Reality in the VPS Challenge is a testament to the company’s talent and innovation in the AR space. It’s also a sign of the growing importance of AR in a wide range of industries, from education to entertainment to retail.

The Lightship VPS Challenge was a showcase of some of the top AR talent from around the world, and our success in the competition shows our dedication to using the power of AR to help our everyday lives. As AR continues to evolve and become more mainstream, it’s exciting to see what innovations and experiences developers, but more importantly the immersioneers, will bring to the table.