Hi. We Are

Specializing in creating innovative immersive solutions using cutting-edge AR/VR/XR technology. As a leading studio for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of immersive experiences. Whether you’re looking to transport your audience to a different world, enhance your brand’s storytelling, or create unforgettable training programs, we have the expertise and passion to help you achieve your goals. With our deep knowledge of immersive technologies and our commitment to quality and creativity, we are your partner in creating truly unforgettable experiences.

About Me

As an Immersioneer, I build immersive solutions. Developers just develop software

I am passionate about creating real-world solutions using the power of AR/VR/XR technology to make a positive impact on our daily lives. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have trained over 750 people and have worked on numerous projects, including creating a 14-week AR/VR boot camp for the Saudi Arabian Government as part of Saudi Vision 2030 and establishing the Virtual Reality Coding Academy in 2016 to train Miami Dade County Public school teachers & students how to use Unity to create VR using Unity, C#, and Oculus Go HMDs. Recently I won 2 of 7 prizes in the Niantic Lightship VPS Challenge that invited the top 50 AR Developers from around the world into the competition. We have also published other award winnings apps to the iOS and Google Play store, always with the goal of creating immersive experiences that engage and educate audiences.

What I Do

As immersioneers, we help businesses tell their story and engage their audience in new and exciting ways.

Location Based Augmented Reality

Fun and interactive way for visitors to explore and learn about physical locations, with digital overlays that provide an engaging and educational experience.

Events Based 

Engaging and interactive experiences for event attendees, allowing them to explore and interact with digital content in a unique and memorable way.

Games &

Immersive experience for gamers, with haptic feedback that enhances the game’s realism and engages the player’s senses.

Training & Education

Effective ways for businesses and organizations to train their employees or educate their audience in a virtual environment.

Recent Featured Work

Apple Vision Pro 2-Day Hackathon
Chicago Bulls Experience

Winner of the 1st Apple Vision Pro Hackathon in Chicago by Omnia, Niantic 8thWall, and VRARA

We participated in the Apple Vision Pro hackathon to build out an immersive experience for the Chicago Bulls on the Vision Pro. Fans can interact with their favorite team and experiences unique locations that they would not have an opportunity to do without the Vision Pro in this experience.

AR Detective: South Beach
E.A.R.T.H. A.I: AWE Hackathon

Our Work

We have created immersive content for events,  contests, and a diverse range of clients  that includes businesses, organizations, and individuals who are looking for innovative and engaging ways to tell their stories, educating their audience, and creating unforgettable experiences using AR/VR/XR technology. We have also created immersive training & bootcamps  for career changers & college graduates. 

“To win the Most Innovative Experience, developers needed to create an experience that strategically used our Virtual Positioning System and other tools like Remote Authoring and Maps in a cutting-edge way. The clear winner of this award was AR Detective Agency by Jamie Gant of WJG Reality.”
Lightship VPS Challenge