Welcome to my portfolio, a curated collection showcasing my experience and accomplishments in the dynamic fields of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). I believe AR/VR will fundamentally change the way we all live. Each project encapsulates the essence of my teaching philosophy, innovative design approach, and my unwavering commitment to equipping learners with the skills to navigate and shape the future of technology. I additionally explore AR/VR personal projects and work with clients to build out AR/VR solutions that fit an ROI and their customer need.  Note: Some client projects are not shown due to disclosure agreements


AR/VR Curriculum Creation & Training

Trailblazing AR/VR Education: Groundbreaking Programs Designed, Delivered, and Refined by a Passionate Educator and Industry Innovator.

Creating AR/VR Immersioneers, these bootcamps & trainings signify a revolutionary chapter in digital education. Constructed on a robust foundation of in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, each program was meticulously developed and delivered, aiming to equip learners with the competencies necessary to excel in the dynamic field of AR/VR. 

14 Week AR/VR Bootcamp
We Can Build & Train for your Custom AR/VR Training/Bootcamp

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

A Dynamic Display of Cutting-Edge AR/VR Projects and Globally Recognized Achievements in the AR Field

“Explore augmented & virtual reality projects, aiming to break the barriers between the digital and physical world. Each project embodies innovative design and storytelling, pushing the limits of what’s possible with AR/VR. Witness the power of AR technology through my lens, as the power of AR/VR enhances our every day lives.”

Apple Vision Pro Hackathon:
Winner (Chicago Bulls Experience)
E.A.R.T.H.A.I. : Visualizing The Causes & Effects of Climate Change
E.A.R.T.H.A.I. : Replacing Wasteful Material Practices
Location Based AR:
A.R. Detective Agency: Case Stolen Bounties
Location Based AR:
A.R. Detective: Case South Beach Towers
Location Based AR: 
Dancing Through The Decades
Fruit Ninja VR in 10 Min 
(Oculus Go)
Whack a Mole VR (Oculus GO)
We Can Build your Next AR/VR Project